Step 1: Get the app!

The Furby Boom app works even better with a real Furby Boom.  Find your color and the best price with our Buying Guide!

Step 2: Get Ready to Scan

Open the Furby Boom app, and go to the egg carton.
The icon for the egg carton near the bottom of the app.

Follow the steps to scan an egg code.

If you just want the codes, skip down to the bottom of the page!

Step 3: Visit Hasbro's Website

Step 4: Find Your Eggs

The first egg is right near the top of the page, just click where the arrow points:
 To get the next egg, just scroll down a bit until you see the following:

To get the last egg, just scroll a little more until you get to this part:

Step 5: Scan the codes & hatch your eggs

Clicking each of the eggs will give you the codes.  Scan them in the app and you will get your exclusive new eggs!




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    1. No problem!! Glad you liked it. Check back for more codes. There's still two I don't have yet, but one should be available tomorrow or the next day!

  2. Thank you! My daughter loves her Furby and this saved me a lot of time from trying to find the eggs for her. She is only 5 so I would have been doing the searching. Thanks again. Loves the page and links.

    1. Absolutely, I'm glad you liked it!! Have fun with your Furby!

  3. Thank you so much! I am getting a furby boom soon enough and I am looking forward to my furby being a mother to all these furblings, haha! Thank you <3 (Im 14 btw, your never too old for furbies ;D)

  4. Vanessa VandiverJuly 3, 2014 at 6:40 PM

    Wow! Really works! I'm really glad!! :)

  5. I want the eggs exclusive Amazon.com and Mighty Ape, please!!!!

  6. WOW! Hasbro2Large Is Working :D

  7. WOW! Hasbro2Large Is Working :D

  8. Crazy Furby PersonNovember 6, 2015 at 8:01 PM

    Love it!!!!

  9. Great!! My son loved getting new eggs. More! More! More!